How to Make Your Keratin Smoothing Treatment Last

Keratin smoothing treatment has gained popularity over the past decade. The days of re-bonding treatments are gone because a new way to achieve straighter hair is here. Keratin treatment is preferred by women these days because they believe the results are more lasting. Plus, the state of your hair is way better as it looks stronger and smoother.
keratin smoothing treatment
However, keratin smoothing treatment can be expensive. You should therefore follow the recommended after-care procedure to ensure that the results are maximized. Ideally, you can extend the life of a keratin treatment for about 12 weeks.
Here are a few tips and guidelines for caring for your hair after undergoing keratin treatment:
• If you wish to color your hair, you should do this before the treatment. If you color hair before treatment, you can actually enhance the results of the treatment. Meanwhile, coloring your hair after the keratin treatment will cause the color to lose its luster and also shorten the life span of the treatment’s effects on your hair. And yes, it is also damaging to your hair strands! If, in case, you already had your keratin treatment, wait at least 3 weeks before you color your hair – not do so immediately after treatment.
• Avoid getting your hair wet at least 3 days after the treatment. Aside from not washing your hair, you should not let it come into contact with sweat or swim with it. This will give appropriate time for the keratin to blend in with your natural hair.
• Aside from not washing your hair, you should leave your hair down. Do not use a clip or hair tie. Or else, it will leave a permanent dent on your hair, which defeats the idea of straightening it in the first place.  Check at Smooth Hairs
• Use the recommended products to care for keratin treated hair. You can ask your hairstylist about the best type of shampoo for keratin treated hair. The same goes with all the other hair products you are using. It is recommended that you be more cautious about the products you put into your hair. This is the best way to optimize your hair’s health, just as you would choose hair products for curly hair or products for dry hair.
• Aside from not washing your hair for 3 days following the keratin treatment, you should not use any hair products at all during this period. In case any of your strands get twisted, simply smooth it out using a flat iron.
• After your first shampoo, use a blow dryer on your hair. But do not use any styling products like hair spray, hair mousse, gels and so on (even chemical-free products should be avoided altogether). The use of keratin in the treatment will help your hair set without the need to use any hair product at all.
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