Age Factor in Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become such a common fare in today’s society that it is important to step back a little. Millions of dollars are invested towards the use of teeth whitening products and on professional fees on Melbourne teeth whitening clinics. However, it is also important to know the lifestyle factors that come into play when it comes to achieve your desired pearly white teeth. One of those factors is age. Does it have direct impact on your ability to achieve whiter teeth? See more detail:
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How Young is Too Young?
Age is an important factor to consider when you plan on teeth bleaching with reputable clinics such as Pure Smile Australia has today. A lot of parents, specifically, have been curious if their teenage kids are too young to undergo the procedure.
The general rule with kids is that they need to be at least the age of 12 before they undergo treatment from any Melbourne teeth whitening clinic. If you undergo a whitening procedure too soon, such as when your kids are aged 12 and below, their permanent teeth might not have set yet. Hence, it would be a waste of your money to spend on whitening teeth if they’re not yet permanent.
On the other hand, there are also dentists who would recommend not taking your child to a dentist or not visit Melbourne stores offering OTC teeth whitening kits until they reach mid-teen. According to these dentists, you should wait until the pulp is fully developed before you undergo some form of treatment on the teeth. The reason why it is important to wait for the pulp to develop is for it to withstand the whitening chemicals that you are using much better. If you let your child undergo this procedure too soon, it can cause irritation to the teeth and gum line. This is what most doctors are concerned about when dealing with teeth whitening for young children. If you cannot come into a decision, it is recommended that you have your child’s personal dentist perform the assessment.
Other Concerns
Tooth sensitivity is another reason why there is some level of reservation on some dentists when it comes to teeth whitening. According to dental experts, tooth sensitivity could happen to younger people more often than on adults. For adults, it is important that the roots are not exposed during treatment.
Even though you need to be very careful about the ideal age you start exposing your child to Melbourne teeth whitening treatments, they do have their benefits too. The sooner your child gets the treatment, the better able they have to enjoy whiter and more beautiful teeth. If you wait until discoloration has happened, there are cases wherein the discoloration becomes irreversible. Even if the teeth are lightened, it might not be as white as you would have hoped for it to become. You need to address the problem before it gets worse.
Finally, for adults who undergo regular bleaching on their teeth, they can enjoy the appearance of having a more beautiful smile. Some even say that teeth whitening can make them look up to 10 years younger. For that, it is definitely worth the investment!

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